Liquid Spotlight - ZAP! Juice

Carefully crafted by the Zap Master Mixers using the highest grade pharmaceutical VG, PG, nicotine and flavours, this line of UK e-liquids offer a superb range of unique and intense flavours. Available in a VG:PG 70:30 ratio, this range is perfect for mods and cloud chasers.

Blue Soda

A new, blue twist on the Western classic. Satisfying cream soda with a handful of fresh raspberries.

Golden Pomelo

The original citrus fruit, with a new exotic twist.

The tropical sun in a bottle!

Lychee Lemonade

Experience the tangy zest of lemonade evolving into an exotic, sweet lychee. Beautifully balanced like a gymnast on a beam.


Better than lemonade, it's Melonade! The luscious blend of honeydew melon and thirst-quenching lemonade titillates your taste-buds and satisfies your senses.

Purple Slushie

Inhale for the cool and breezy ice zap; exhale for the burst of indulgent grape.

Starfruit Burst

This exclusive fruit from the Far East explodes like a supernova

with invigorating flavour. The intense sourness and sweetness make this bottle a true star!

Summer Cider

When ripe strawberries and sour limes come together, you know you're in for a treat! The definitive fruit cider, like you've never had it before.

Vintage Cola

Like a barbershop quartet, four flavours combine in marvellous harmony, for a classic experience you won’t forget!

Zap! Juice has a flavour for everybody, personal favourite is the Lychee Lemonade.

You can purchase in store or use the click and collect service for £5 each.

If you want to try a mixture we do sell them at 3 for £13 or 6 for £25.

Try them in store before you buy.

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