Vaping Myths Debunked!

Whether you are wanting to start vaping, are new to vaping or just curious to find out the truths behind the "myths" and are unsure about all these different rumors that describe the bad and dangerous things about using an electronic cigarette.

This article will debunk those rumors that are over exaggerated and/or are completely untrue.

1. You don't know what are in e-liquids and what they are doing to your body.

This seems to be mostly non vapours that say this that don't really understand how the industry works and believe that vaping is worse than smoking.

The ingredients in an e-liquid are;

-Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

-Propylene Glycol (PG)

-Flavour Concentrate


Both VG and PG are things that you can find in food and other things that your body already intakes on a daily basis.

Nicotine isn't as harmful as everybody thinks it is (we will go over that further down).

Flavour concentrates generally come from food flavouring, so once again your body already intakes those.

With the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) that fully came into effect May 2017. All e-liquid are to be tested and registered with the MHRA and there is a strict guideline with what is to be in them. More information on that can be found here.

2. E-liquid contain antifreeze and will give you popcorn lung.

This one is one of the most ridiculous things that has been said about e-liquid. With the testing that is done on e-liquid there is no way that this is true.

PG is used in antifreeze but the funny part about it being used in antifreeze is that it is intended to make it less harmful if it is swallowed. You want to know what else contains PG that is meant for adult consumption? Fireball whiskey. On top of that, PG is used in many hospitals to help keep areas sanitary.

Vaping gives you popcorn lung.

This claim is just comical when you get down to the facts.The big fuss was about e-liquids containing diacetyl, which caused popcorn lung in popcorn factory workers from breathing in high levels of diacetyl from the butter flavoring.

The primary e-liquid flavors of concern were custard flavors. While we think all e-liquids should be diacetyl free for the safety of all customers, the levels of diacetyl that were found in e-liquids were so insignificant compared to the levels of diacetyl that are found in regular cigarette smoke.

Smokers are exposed to diacetyl levels that are 750 times higher than the diacetyl levels of vaping. An average vaper is exposed to 9 micrograms of diacetyl per day while the average smoker is exposed to 6,718 micrograms.

3. Nicotine is harmful and will give you Cancer.

Now we can understand why people believe this because alot of people associate nicotine with a cigarette.

The truth is though that nicotine itself isn't that harmful. It has the same properties as caffeine has on the body.

Nicotine is addictive that's what keeps people smoking, but it is the other thousands of chemicals that are found with the combustion of a cigarette that causes the body harm.

Nobody knows what what the long term effect nicotine on it's own does to the body, as we need at least 20 years of vaping to know what that does.

So far short term research has shown that it doesn't show any harm to the body, apart from an increase heart rate, which caffeine also does.

4. Second hand vaping is bad for the public.

Electronic cigarettes do not use combustion to deliver the nicotine, instead it vapourises the e-liquid, which when breathed out comes out as water vapour.

Now even though it looks the same or depending on some devices can look a lot more than traditional smoke from a cigarette. There is no harm that comes from vapour released from an electronic cigarette.

The stigma will always be there when somebody sees a cloud of "smoke" breathed out by somebody, but apart from the flavouring and small traces of nicotine that barely register it dissipates in the air as soon as it is breathed out, all that is left is that water vapour or "cloud".

You breath in 1000 times more chemicals walking down the street from cars exhaust than you do from second hand vaping.

5. Electronic Cigarettes explode.

Now this isn't completely false, their are some devices that can explode, but it isn't your standard devices or beginner devices.

The electronic devices that can potentially explode are called Mechanical Mods.

Most devices have a regulated chip that when the device hits a certain temperature they will shut down to stop any overheating.

With Mechanical Mods they do not have any chips, it is a metal tube that contains a battery and just a push button to activate the battery.

If there is damage to the battery and/or the battery doesn't have the amperage to handle the tank/coil that is attached to the device.

The issue arrives when the battery starts to heat up and that heat has nowhere to go and that is when it explodes.

We do not sell any Mechanical Mods to beginners and even if someone has been vaping for a while unless they can explain ohms law and convince us that they know what they are doing we will refuse to sell one of these devices.

You will always hear stories about how bad vaping is, or even that it is worse for you in comparison to smoking. If any of this was the case then do you really believe that the vape industry would be growing at a fast rate or even the government allow it to be sold if it was that dangerous.

When seeing or hearing rumours from people about electronic cigarettes, the best thing is to either ask another person who vapes, look it up on the internet or even pop in store and talk to one of us.

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