Take Two
Flavour Profiles

Banana - When is a banana not a banana? This liquid may not be yellow. You may not have to peel it. It may not have grown on a tree. But it does indeed taste of a beautiful ripe banana.

Blackcurrant - A strong, sweet and earthy flavour, a little tangy with a fresh after taste. A good, fruity vape.

Blueberry - A mouth-watering, delightful, intensely sweet flavour. This is no small fruit in flavour.

Cherry - Each vape will taste like a bunch of deep red, juicy, succulent cherries.

Coconut - We cracked it! We squeezed, we poured it. we stored it. Of course we didn't we just replicated it, then we bottled it so you could Vape it.

Green Apple - A naturally sweet, a little tangy and crispiness with tantalising flavour. No apple skin included, just all its juice.

Mango - Its a hard one to replicate, but the creamy fruity balance has been mastered in this bottle.

Orange - Vibrant, Fresh, Phenomenal. Orange, but not as we know it.

Passionfruit - Such a distinctive flavour and one thats very popular with our in house team. Passion Fruit does not disappoint and how could it. This is an amazing flavour.

Peach - Peach Perfect is the phrase that springs to mind. Soft, Ripe and beautifully formed.

Pineapple - Its the first flavour that spings tip mind when you think of exotic fruits and we won't disappoint you with this tantalizing flavour.

Strawberry - Lots of juicy ripened strawberries crammed into a bottle to give you a sweet vape.

Watermelon - Refreshing and sweet, bound to leave you wanting more than one vape.