Vape Mate
Flavour Profiles


Amber Blend - With a similar taste to Golden Virgina, our Amber Blend Tobacco Eliquid is great for those wanting to ditch traditional cigarettes for an alternative.

American Red - A slightly stronger Tobacco Eliquid, the American Red eliquid is a great substitute for smokers giving up strong, traditional cigarettes.

Virginia - The Virginia Tobacco Eliquid is a Vapemate customer's favourite due to tasting similar to Golden Virginia rolling tobacco.


Blackcurrant Menthol - Our delicious Blackcurrant Menthol flavour eliquid promises sweet and fruity undertones with a minty fresh aftertaste. It's refreshing and great for anybody looking for a palate cleanser.


Cherry Menthol - Looking for a refreshing fruity flavour with a hint of cooling menthol? Do you love that throat sweet taste? Our Cherry Menthol Eliquid is mouth wateringly delicious.

Menthol - Looking for a hit of menthol freshness? Our best selling Menthol Eliquid delivers a powerful menthol punch that will keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Mentholyptus - Looking for the ultimate refreshing e-juice? Our Mentholyptus eliquid is your match made in heaven. The cool blend of menthol and eucalyptus is great for clearing the sinuses!

Peppermint - A minty fresh flavoured eliquid with a smooth and sweet undertone that will leave your mouth watering. Our Peppermint Eliquid is the perfect palate cleanser and all day vape.

Say My Name - Say My Name is a mouth watering blend of mixed fruit flavours finished off with an aniseed & menthol kick.

Spearmint - Spearmint flavour eliquid from Vapemate. Another palette cleanser, this one is a little more subtle than the peppermint. Vapemate recommends using a glass tank with this eliquid.

Fruits & Assortments

Apple - Known for being irresistably tangy and sweet, our Apple Eliquid is the perfect flavour for all day vaping.

Black Cherry - We promise our Black Cherry Eliquid won't disappoint. Balancing a mixture of deliciously sweet and sour notes, it's a fruity flavour that will leave you wanting more.

Blackcurrant - A fresh and fruity vape, our Blackcurrant Eliquid is great if you're looking for a rich and refreshing taste.

Black Jack - A tasty replica of one of the nation's favourite sweets, our Black Jack Eliquid is guaranteed to bring back childhood memories. The smooth aniseed flavour is a Vapemate best seller.

Blueberry - If you're a fan of seriously fruity tastes, our Blueberry Eliquid is perfect for you! The long lasting flavour has powerful berry and sweet notes.

Bubblegum - Take a blast to the past with our Bubble Gum vape juice, the taste of childhood! We know this gob-stoppingly sweet flavour will soon become a firm favourite.

Citrus Punch - This fruity flavour really packs a punch! Taste the blend of zesty lemons, zingy limes and sweet oranges with the Citrus Punch Eliquid.

Cola Cubes - Reminicisant of one of our all-time favourite childhood candies, the Cola Cubes vape juice leaves a delicious sweet aftertaste that you just can't resist.

Fruit Punch - Are you looking for a fruity eliquid which promises big flavour? Our blended Fruit Punch Eliquid really packs a punch, leaving a seriously juicy and fresh aftertaste.

Harvest Berry - Our Harvest Berry Eliquid is a blend of tasty berries. We've included strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to this mix, a great balance of sweet and zingy flavours.

Pear Drops - Inspired by classic confectionary, the Pear Drops Eliquid is deliciously sweet and full of reminiscent childhood memories.

Rainbow Fruit - Made from a selection of sweet and juicy fruits, our Rainbow Fruits eliquid is bright, vibrant and full of flavour.

Raspberry - If fruity flavours are your thing, you'll love our Raspberry e-juice. It does exactly what it says on the tin, we promise that it's tangy and delicious!

Red Grape - If you're looking for a refreshingly fruity vape juice that hits that sweet spot, our Red Grape Eliquid is the one for you. This perfect blend of sweet and sour fruit flavours makes a great daily vape.

Strawberry - A classic taste with no fuss or frills, our Strawberry Eliquid is the perfect flavour for all day vaping. It's the perfect mix of sweet and fruity, suiting all palates.

Sweet Cherry - Made with deliciously sweet and tangy cherry flavourings, our Sweet Cherry eliquid is a great pick for an all day vape.