Ohm Boy
Flavour Profiles

Apple, Elderflower & Garden Mint - Blends crisp apples, with sweet notes of elderflower and an infusion of fresh green mint flavour, creating a smooth and light inhale and exhale alike. Available in 50ml & 100ml.

Cranberry, Apple & Raspberry - A fruit medley of summery flavours. A mixture of tart cranberry, crisp apple and sweet raspberry creates a layered vape. Available in 50ml & 100ml.

Pear, Apple & Raspberry - Features a trio of distinct fruit flavours. Delivering a sweet base note, the pear and apple flavours create a juicy taste which is countered by tangy raspberry. The fruits combine for a balanced vape. Available in 50ml & 100ml.

Rhubarb, Raspberry & Orange Blossom - A fresh-tasting, fruity blend. Tart notes of rhubarb and raspberries characterise the inhale, complemented by floral undertones of orange blossom on exhale for a delicate and light finish. Available in 50ml &100ml.

Mango Rhubarb Chilled - A tropical fruit blend containing a spiced twang. The ripe taste of mango is present throughout, complemented by a sharp rhubarb and ice undertone for a distinct flavour. Available in 50ml Only.

Red Apple Rhubarb Chilled - A fruit blend featuring a pairing of sweet yet sharp flavours. A crisp red apple is fused with a tangy rhubarb and subtle ice for a balanced e-liquid. Available in 50ml Only.

Watermelon Rhubarb Chilled - A tropical fruit blend with a zingy backdrop. The fresh and juicy flavour of watermelon greets on inhale, before being combined with the tangy taste of rhubarb and a cool ice to finish for a layered vape. Available in 50ml Only.