Doozy Vape Co.
Flavour Profiles

Apple Chews - A crisp fruit blend with a candy exhale. The green apple flavour is very sweet with a sour note to it and a crisp aftertaste, blended with a chewy candy flavour for a sugary exhale.

Fizzy Lemon - A punchy blend of sweet and sour. The lemon flavour has an underlying sweetness paired with a citrus and sour aftertaste, with a touch of sherbet for a tangy exhale.

Lime Jelly Beans - Keeps things sweet with a sour kick. The lime flavour has a sugary inhale which is matched by the citrus exhale with its tart notes for balance, combined with a jelly bean finish to keep things sweet.

Pink Haze - A citrus blend with a sweet aftertaste. At first, a zesty lemon hits you on inhale before a combination of other citrus fruits finishes things off with a twang.